About Me

Hi. I'm Emily Farris.

In the fifth grade, I won the D.A.R.E. essay contest.

Since then, I've written for Bon Appetit, Lifehacker, Epicurious, DIY Network, Food 52, The Cut, The Kitchn, Food & Wine, BuzzFeed, ELLE Decor, BUST, CNN, Hunker, Cool Hunting, and many websites and publications you’ve probably never heard of (and, yes, I know I'm not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition, but it sounds so snooty the other way.)

I've created campaigns for The Food Network, HGTV, the Washington Post Brand Studio, Coca Cola, Home Depot, Capital One, Starbucks, Google, Frigidaire, Kingsford, Nestea, ALDI, Sub Zero-Wolf, French's and other big brands. And I've even written a couple books.

But you know how I've mostly paid my bills? For the last decade, I've been helping businesses — from huge glass fabricators to independently-owned shoe stores and coffee shops — do a better job of getting their message across to current and potential customers through social media. And I want to teach you how to do the same thing with my new course, Social Media Writing 101.


Well, since you asked, I live in a 100-year old Arts & Crafts bungalow in Kansas City, Missouri (not Kansas!) with my burly husband, two young sons, two rowdy rescue dogs, four backyard chickens, and some very unwelcome basement spiders.

Also, I make a mean cocktail.


"Any entrepreneur would be lucky to learn from Emily."

Obviously, I'm going to say good things about myself. But here are some nice things other people with important jobs (plus my mom) have said about me.  

"Emily is an amazing writer and excellent communicator with an impressive record of crafting campaigns across traditional and emerging channels. She has an incredible gift for digital storytelling, and is one of my most respected colleagues in the space!"

Jenna Bromberg

Sr. Director of Brand Marketing, Hilton

"Since first hiring Emily as a consultant in 2014, she’s taught me so much about marketing my small business on social media. Any entrepreneur would be lucky to learn what she knows."

Zach Moores

Owner, Crows Coffee

"She's pretty good at all that computer stuff."


Emily's Mom

“Emily is a pro at creating a unique social voice, knowing how to capture an audience and keep them coming back for more. In addition to being an amazing storyteller, she’s the best kind of influencer — authentic. From optimization to content creation, Emily is great at distilling a complex challenge into a simple solution… and she usually does it with grace and a drink in her hand. “

Natalie Gershon

VP, Marketing, Boulevard Brewing Company

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