You don't need a social media copywriter. You just need to spend an hour with one (while you still can).
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Social Media Writing 101

You don’t need a social media copywriter. You just need to spend an hour with one.

Are you struggling to get comments, clicks, or conversions?

Enroll in Social Media Writing 101 for just $249 $69 today and you can be writing more effective and engaging social media copy as early as tomorrow.

But why the big savings??

I'm offering this clearance price (a discount of $180) because I'm retiring the class. But if you enroll before it's gone, you'll still have lifetime access to all of the lessons through Teachable. 

You've got this.

You've got this.

You don’t need to be a professional copywriter (or even hire one) to create effective social media content — you just need to understand what makes a social caption work (and what doesn’t). That’s why I’ve distilled two decades of professional writing and digital marketing experience into a series of short videos and documents to teach you exactly what you need to know to write more effective, engaging social media copy. 

Ready to become a better social media writer?

Ready to become a better social media writer?

Enroll in Social Media Writing 101 today and you'll get instant, lifetime access to:

Video Lessons

Lifetime access to 12 short-and-sweet video lessons — each packed with valuable tips, tricks, and writing solutions you can use across any platform, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Helpful Docs

The lessons are supplemented with handful of helpful docs (like Brand Voice for Beginners) you can refer back to at any time — forever! I've also included a verbatim transcript for every video.

Online Community

The minute you enroll in Social Media Writing 101, you’ll be invited to the exclusive Caption Camp Facebook group where you can network, share ideas, ask questions, and have a direct line to me.

This benefit is no longer available with the clearance pricing. The group has been archived.
Meet Your Instructor

Emily Farris

Hi. I’m Emily Farris and I’ve been writing professionally for 20 years and creating social media content for brands since 2009. After watching small business owners make the same easy-to-fix social media marketing mistakes over and over again, I decided to package my knowledge into a short-and-sweet course to help anyone write more effective, engaging, error-free social media content.

No more sloppy copy!  

Bad copy is bad for business. Stop missing out on customers, conversions, engagement, and followers because your captions aren't working for you. Enroll in Social Media Writing 101 now, and in just one day you can be writing more effective, engaging social media posts.

The Video Lessons

The Video Lessons

In this series of straight-to-the-point videos, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop your social media voice and tone (there’s a difference!)
  • Make sure you’re writing to the correct audience (we’re only going to worry about two for now)
  • Set goals, and crush them with every. single. post.
  • Construct a concise, engaging social media post

After the fundamentals, we’ll get into strategies and specifics, including:

  • My three favorite (and shockingly simple) tricks for overcoming writer’s block
  • The essentials of editing for social media
  • The difference between a good post and a bad one
  • How to avoid those cringe-worthy posts that go viral for all the wrong reasons

When you make it to the end of the videos (which you can do in one sitting if you want) you’ll be armed with the knowledge, tools, AND CONFIDENCE to help you write effective, engaging social media posts you can use for any social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Even if you just watch the videos (the heart and soul of Social Media Writing 101), and don't take advantage of any of the other benefits of your enrollment, you'll come away from Caption Camp a better social media writer.

But I want to help you get your entire social media strategy moving in the right direction, right away! So I’ve also created a handful of documents that you can reference at any time (again, forever — yes, even once it's retired!).


Supplemental Documents:

An Editable Social Media Calendar/Planner

Sourcing Photography for Your Social Media Posts

Getting Started with Social Media Strategy


Brand Voice for Beginners


Social Media Editing Checklist

Technical Tips (not too tech-y, I promise!)

Sneak Peek!

You should probably make sure you like me before you sign up for an entire course with me, huh?

Preview the intro video, Welcome to Caption Camp: The Best Summary Ever, in full for free right now! 

Who should enroll?

Who should enroll?

Anyone who posts anything to social media on behalf of a business or brand (even a personal brand) will come away from Social Media Writing 101 with the tools and confidence to write more effective and engaging social media copy.

Social media managers, associates, interns, etc.
One-person marketing departments (hey, I've been there many times!)
Anyone else who's had "social media management" casually tacked onto their job duties (what?!)
Anyone who would love to get paid to do social media, either as a full-time job or a side hustle
Entrepreneurs who already do 17 jobs every single day
Anyone trying to grow their social media presence but just can't seem to get good engagement
Sales representatives and brand ambassadors who are competing with a bunch of other people selling the same product to the same online audience every day
Small business owners who don't have the budget to hire a social media manager, but know they need to do a better job of sharing their message and/or product with the world
And, yes, even professional writers, journalists, and authors who are great at the long-form stuff but could use some help with the super-short captions that repeatedly get the most engagement on most social media platforms

Course Goal

When you get to the end of Social Media Writing 101, you’ll be so much more confident in your ability to write social media copy. And if you’re already pretty good at it, you'll come away with new tricks and tools to help make every post even more engaging and effective — whether you're trying to grow your business on LinkedIn, get more clicks on Facebook, or increase your engagement on Instagram.

Course Breakdown


I’ve condensed nearly two decades of writing and marketing knowledge into an hour of video content and a handful of helpful reference documents.

Each lesson is focused on either a fundamental skill (the big-picture stuff) or strategies and specifics (tips, tricks, workarounds, etc.).

I want you to learn at your own pace, so I've designed this course in a way that allows you to watch all the videos in one sitting, or close your computer and pick back up where you left off — at any time, FOREVER. You can also revisit any lesson you'd like, as many times as you'd like (again, forever).


Welcome to Caption Camp: The Best Summary Ever!

But First: The Fine Print


LESSON 1 If Brands Could Talk: Finding Your Social Media Writing Voice

LESSON 2 F*ck Formality: Write Like You Speak, Not Like You Think You’re Supposed to Write

LESSON 3 Know Your Audience: The Two Most Important Ones, Anyway

LESSON 4  Just One Thing: How to Set and Crush Your Goals with Every Single Post

LESSON 5 This is How We Do It: The Anatomy of a Social Media Post


LESSON 6 Three Surefire Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

LESSON 7 The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Posts

LESSON 8 Three Editing Tricks for Clean Copy Every Time

LESSON 9 The Technical Stuff

LESSON 10 10 Tips for Avoiding Social Media Blunders


Social Media Writing Resources

Brand Voice for Beginners

Getting Started With Social Media Strategy

Sourcing Photography for Your Social Media Posts

Social Media Editing Checklist

The Technical Stuff

But what does it cost?

Enroll in Social Media Writing 101 today and get lifetime access to 12 video lessons, seven one-page reference docs, an editable social media calendar/planner, and exclusive access to the Caption Camp Facebook group (which includes a direct line to me, your instructor) for a one-time payment of $249 or two payments of $129 $69.

"Any entrepreneur would be lucky to learn from Emily."

Obviously, I'm going to say good things about myself. But here are some nice things other people with important jobs (plus my mom) have said about me.  

"Emily is an amazing writer and excellent communicator with an impressive record of crafting campaigns across traditional and emerging channels. She has an incredible gift for digital storytelling, and is one of my most respected colleagues in the space!"

Jenna Bromberg

Sr. Director of Brand Marketing, Hilton

"Since first hiring Emily as a consultant in 2014, she’s taught me so much about marketing my small business on social media. Any entrepreneur would be lucky to learn what she knows."

Zach Moores

Owner, Crows Coffee

"She's pretty good at all that computer stuff."


Emily's Mom

"Emily is a pro at creating a unique social voice, knowing how to capture an audience and keep them coming back for more. In addition to being an amazing storyteller, she’s the best kind of influencer — authentic. From optimization to content creation, Emily is great at distilling a complex challenge into a simple solution… and she usually does it with grace and a drink in her hand."

Natalie Gershon

VP, Marketing, Boulevard Brewing Company

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